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steel drinkware
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Why should you choose
Steel Party Cups?

Our cups are Made in the U.S.A. from infinitely recyclable steel to keep the party going with their sturdy, reusable, and recyclable design.

Infinitely Recyclable

Everyone will feel good about using Steel Party Cups thanks to steel's superior recyclability.

Chill to the Touch

The signature ‘Chill’ feel delivers a great new frosty drinking experience — the perfect partner for a sunny day!

Rinse & Refill

Sturdy design lets you use them more than once — making steel party cupsa better value for you while reducing environmental impact.

Steel Party Cups are Available in the Following Colors:

Grey Steel Party Cup


Red Steel Party Cup


Green Steel Party Cup


Blue Steel Party Cup


Copper Steel Party Cup


Orange Steel Party Cup


Black Steel Party Cup


Elevate Your Brand with Custom Steel Party Cups

Drinkware is the #2 selling promotional product in the U.S., making it a great marketing tool to grow your business or event. And, because Steel Party Cups are infinitely recyclable they will help to create an eco-friendly and socially responsible image for your brand.

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Introducing New Aluminum Shot Cups

Available in mulitple base colors for bulk sale.

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Steel Party Cups
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Venues & Stadiums

Food Service

Food Service

Steel Party Cups
stack up better - for parties and the planet

Thanks to its inherent strength and magnetic qualities, steel is the #1 most recycled food can which makes it the ideal material for almost anything disposable.
In fact, because it's infinitely recyclable, more than 62% of all steel ever produced is still in use today. That's why steel party cups are the e co-friendlier option for disposable party cups, especially when compared with single-use plastics.

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58% Steel Can Recycling Rate: 2022 Can Manufacturers Institute

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